Building Community

Home groups represent all the groups that meet in homes, along with groups that meet in the community locations, like coffee shops or hiking trails.

Spring Home Groups

This is one of the best ways to grow in our relationship with God is to connect with other Christians in a small group setting. For more information about these groups and how to get involved, contact Leslie Lemmon at lemmon@www.eurekafaithcenter.org or (707)442-1784.

Sermon Discussion Small Groups

Scott and Leslie Lemmon // Freshwater area // Wednesday nights

Frank and Jenny Sherman // Eureka // Friday nights

Jean LaPietra (Spanish-Speaking) // Eureka // To be determined

Krassina Young (Women’s Group) // Cutten // Wednesday nights

Margaret Wyles // Kneeland // Thursday nights

Scott and Kate Hicks // Bayside // To be determined

Todd and Linda Flumerfelt // Eureka // Wednesday nights


Specialty Groups

Elaine Watkins (Creative Bible Journaling) // Faith Center // Wednesday mornings

Colin Ott (Motorcycle Group) // Faith Center // Thursday Nights

 Kayla Watkins (Fitness Wellness) // Faith Center // Saturday mornings


Bible Studies 

Patty Thomas & Janet Thomas (Women’s Study – “Living Beyond Yourself”) // Faith Center // Thursday mornings

Bill, Debbie, and Brady Parks (Daniel Bible Study) // Faith Center // Sunday nights